Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Were Hacked!!

As some of you know, nothing makes me laugh more then when words get lost in translation. Take for example, this sign that i found in L.A., clearly written by someone with English as a second language.

Well, the joke was on me today when someone hacked into my email and sent out an add for an online electronic store to my entire contact list. I soon realized what was going on when ALL of my friends and family wrote back confused. At first I was annoyed, but once I took a closer look, I realized it was totally worth it... Thanks for the laughs hacker!

I highlighted some of my fav's:

Dear friend:

Our company is large electronic wholesalers.
We have many products
Such as: Digital Cameras, PSP,LCD TV, Laptops Notebook, Digital Video,Mp4,GPS,
And so on.
We will offer you best good's and service.
If you are interests in any product, or have any questions,please contact us.
I guarantee you that all our good's with lowest price and quality.
We will offer you excellent after-sale service.
We do hope we can have a happy and long term partnership in the near future.
Our Web address:
Our mail:

If you have any other problem!

Please E-mail us,
We will provide you with the best service.
thanks and wait for your news!



Some Guy said...

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AisforRandom said...

poor buddy.

petal said...

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sashameow said...

i don't get it.

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mobin said...

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Prince Charming said...

he's a good guy, because he didn't send an adult things to all your contact, if not, you are in big trouble :P btw, have a visit to mine :)

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Diana Maria Luquez Gaitan said...

Not all people that know inglish as a second language are so bad at spelling, but that hacker was pretty dumb. It isn´t better seek google translate?

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